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"Summer Solstice" is in the postproduction phase

"Summer Solstice", a feature film directed by Michal Rogalski, produced by Prasa & Film together with Sunday Filmproduktions GmbH, is now in the postproduction phase. The film tells a story of four young people who meet during the World War II:
Poland, 1943. Four main characters are connected through a series of unusual events: ROMEK, a Polish boy from the village in which the action takes place; GUIDO, a German soldier serving in the village during the occupation; FRANKA, the daughter of a well-to-do local farmer; and BUNIA, a Jewish girl that escaped from a train on its way to a death camp. Each of them come across something that at the time is simultaneously a danger to and an escape from their harsh reality: love. Will they be able to hold on to their dreams while facing the horrors of of their day and the uncertainty of their future?

"The Big Leap" starring Gustaf Skarsgård at IFF Message to Man and Raindance FF

Polish-Swedish "The Big Leap" will be screened at IFF Message to Man in Russia and at Raindance FF in UK .This short about the financial crisis gathers an up-and-coming director, international well-established actors (Gustaf Skarsgård), live action and animation. The Big Leap, shot entirely using green box technology, is a milestone in Polish CGI production.

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Shooting for „The Summer Solstice” has begun

On August 27th, 2013, Prasa i Film is to begin shooting of „The Summer Solstice”, directed by Michał Rogalski. The movie tells the story of four young people, who meet in the Polish countryside in 1943.  The leading roles are played by young actors: Filip Piotrowicz (Romek), Jonas Nay (Guido), Maria Semotiuk (Bunia) and Urszula Bogucka (Franka). The cast also includes Agnieszka Krukówna (Romek’s Mother), Bartłomiej Topa (Leon) and Gerdy Zint (Odi).

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World premiere of the Polish-Swedish The Big Leap at the Seattle International Film Festival

The Big Leap, ph. Olivia Maria RusThe world premiere of the film will take place at the 39. Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) - the largest and most well-attended film festival in the United States. SIFF screens a wide selection of the best new international features and documentaries over the 25-day festival, presenting more than 400 films from over 70 countries. SIFF is also a recognized Oscar nominating Festival in the categories of Best Short Film, Best Animated Short Film, and Best Documentary Short Film.

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"The Big Leap" in the contests of the 53rd Krakow Film Festival

The Big Leap - ph. Robert Pałka"The Big Leap", a Polish-Swedish co-production, qualified for two contests of the 53rd Krakow Film Festival. The festival has been officially recognized by FIAPF (the International Federation of Film Producers Association), EFA (European Film Award) and by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The festival winners receive direct nominations to the European Film Academy awards, as well as the Oscars (in the short film categories). The 53rd edition of the KFF will take place between May 26th and June 2nd, 2013, in Krakow.

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"Weekend Film Programme" returns to TVP1

Weekend Film ProgrammeOn April 13th, 2013, "Weekend Film Programme" [Weekendowy Magazyn Filmowy] - a program dedicated to the film industry, hosted by Tomasz Raczek, is to return to Channel One of the Polish public television (TVP1). The program is to be aired by Channel One every week on Friday, after midnight, and rebroadcasted on Saturday before noon.

Some changes are to take place in the "WMF" program, which is produced by Prasa i Film – there will be even more interesting information from the world of film, as well as interviews with icons of Polish cinematography. The subject of the first episode will be films based on true stories. The special guests will be Marcin Dorociński and Małgorzata Sadowska. The premiere has been scheduled for April 13th, Channel One, at 2.15, and the rebroadcast – for April 13th at 11.05.

"Summer Solstice" - another production of Prasa & Film

PIFPrasa & Film, apart from realization of the last stage of the short black comedy "The Big Leap", is working on the fictional film entitled "Summer Solstice" ["Letnie przesilenie"], directed by Michał Rogalski. The German co-producer of the film is Sunday Filmproductions GmbH. A series of castings is to be conducted for "Summer Solstice" in Poland and Germany among young actors aged 17 to 19, and the shooting period is to be July - September of 2013.

"The Big Leap" - about postproduction

The Big Leap - ph. Robert PałkaIn late March/early April, 2013, the last stage of postproduction of „The Big Leap” began. The film, which is 13 minutes long, was made entirely using the Computer Generated Imagery technology, the editing process has been completed and the creators are now working on sound design. Shooting for this Polish-Swedish coproduction project took place in April 2012 at the ATM studio in Warsaw. This was the birthplace of the short black comedy, featuring three main characters – a woman and two men, who, feeling helpless in the face of the financial crisis, meet on the rooftop of a high-rise, each intending to commit suicide. Although they share a common goal, a serious moral conflict arises between the three, as each of them has a very different view on the issue of life after death.

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