08 | 12 | 2023

"The Big Leap" - about postproduction

The Big Leap - ph. Robert PałkaIn late March/early April, 2013, the last stage of postproduction of „The Big Leap” began. The film, which is 13 minutes long, was made entirely using the Computer Generated Imagery technology, the editing process has been completed and the creators are now working on sound design. Shooting for this Polish-Swedish coproduction project took place in April 2012 at the ATM studio in Warsaw. This was the birthplace of the short black comedy, featuring three main characters – a woman and two men, who, feeling helpless in the face of the financial crisis, meet on the rooftop of a high-rise, each intending to commit suicide. Although they share a common goal, a serious moral conflict arises between the three, as each of them has a very different view on the issue of life after death.

Thanks to the plot, "The Big Leap" not only fits into the discourse on morality and faith, but it can also serve as a commentary on currently observed socio-economic problems that have emerged in Europe and the United States.

“The idea came to me, when I read in a newspaper about a man, who, wanting to commit suicide, jumped from the 15th floor, but something saved him on the way down – he ended up with a broken leg”, said the director of "The Big Leap", Kristoffer Rus, in an interview for the Filmweb website. “Afterwards, asked whether he intends to make another suicide attempt, he replied he would not, as he had received a sign, indicating that his time had not come yet. 
I wanted to include this anecdote in the film, in the context of the fact that we continuously talk about the financial crisis, while speaking very little about spiritual crises. I am not a well-known director, so I face financial crisis all the time, and as for spiritual crisis... I think it’s important to ask oneself whether God exists, why we are here and so on. But do we have to do it in such a serious fashion? In this film, we ask these questions in a humorous, absurd way, within the conventions of a black comedy".