08 | 12 | 2023

Horse Thieves

The Old Man, who – to some extent – reminds us of Piotr Wysocki, refuses to become the leader of the January uprising. After returning from Syberia, he engages in the horse trade. The uprising  starts and it goes on before the eyes of the Old Man, influencing his relatives and friends.

After the uprising, a Russian historian, Bergen (based on a historical figure – Berg) tries to force the Old Man to become a co-author of the Russian version of the history of the uprisings. When the Old Man refuses, he is sent to Syberia once again – this time, as a criminal, falsely accused of trading stolen horses...

Horse Thieves ("Koniokrady")
historic film
Directing: Maciej Wojtyszko
Script: Maciej Strzembosz
Dop: Grzegorz Kędzierski
Production design: Janusz Sosnowski
Costume design: Dorota Roqueplo
Production manager: Andrzej Besztak
Co-financed by: Polish Film Institute
production stage: development (to be completed on August 31st, 2014)