25 | 02 | 2024

Congress Unfinished

Congress Unfinished - Anda Rottenberg


A documentary film about the Congress of Polish Culture.
Held in September, the Polish Culture Congress brings to mind the unfinished Congress of 1981. The dreams of the role and character of culture in society were close to ideal given nobody could predict the following day, full freedom was taken to set the ideas. These days, the shape and form of culture in the new environment of political freedom, economic independence and in the new type of civil society, and above all after the technological revolution in sociological communication (i.e. internet, freedom of travel) - can verify the ideals of the old days. Some of them are totally out of date and even seem silly, others however are still worth discussing and considering still remaining an issue. It is a good chance to ask for commentary of those who participated in the Congress in 1981 and will take part in the September Congress in 2009. Those, who are no longer with us will be replaced with new considerate personae in Polish Culture.

"Congress Unfinished" (Kongres niedokończony)
Directed by: Agnieszka Arnold
Prasa & Film Ltd.