21 | 09 | 2023

How "The Big Leap" came to be

The Big Leap - ph. Robert PałkaWe encourage you to watch the official teaser of „The Big Leap”. The entire film was made at the ATM Studio in Warsaw using green box technology. The actors and components of the setting are real, while the entire surrounding space was created later on, using CGI technology by the ATM FX company – one of the co-producers of this project (Read more: ATM FX).

Filip Kaczorek, Visual Effects Supervisor: „As the plot’s setting is the roof top of a high-rise, we have to create the entire city surrounding it – we are talking several districts here! The director and the cameraman decided to show it all, using a single, smooth motion of the camera. The resulting image is nigh on hypnotizing; at the same time, though, it has become yet another challenge for the postproduction team.

“There is nowhere to hide, no tricks of the scenery, no “fixed” shots  - we wanted to give the creators full freedom, without any limitations imposed by the quantity of computer-generated graphics that were to be added, and they made extraordinary use of this”, Kaczorek says. “Joining this project was immensely satisfying for us. This is most definitely the greatest challenge that we have faced so far. We were moved most deeply by the fact that this enormous amount of special effects, this ambitious and bold imagery only served as a tool to tell the story – it was never a goal in and of itself. I believe that “The Big Leap” will be a model example of what CGI can contribute to film.”

The premiere of the newest production of Prasa i Film has been set for 2013.

"The Big Leap” Teaser: http://vimeo.com/43999155