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The film production company, Prasa & Film, was founded in 1992 by Jan Dworak and Maciej Strzembosz. The main area of business activity of Prasa & Film is the production of feature films (Among them - “All that I love” directed by Jacek Borcuch, polish candidate for Oscar), documentary films (“What am I doing here” by Janusz Anderman, “Congress unfinished” and “How it is” by Agnieszka Arnold) and television series (“Weekend film programme”, dir. Kristoffer Rus, Rafał Skalski, Grzegorz Jaroszuk and „The national stadium” – documentary series, dir. Katarzyna Klimkiewicz).

In years 1998–2007, Prasa & Film was not actively engaged in production. In January 2008, the company was reactivated by Jan Dworak and Kamila Polit. Its main field of activity is the production of feature films, documentaries and TV programs. At present, the company shareholders are Maciej Strzembosz and Ewa Borguńska.

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Prasa & Film is a member:

  • Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce (KIPA)
  • The Union of Audiovisual Authors and Producers (ZAPA)