09 | 12 | 2022

"Mickiewicz w Paryżu" [Mickiewicz in Paris]

The film recalls the emigrant’s fate of Adam Mickiewicz in the years of 1832-55 in Paris. Krzysztof Rutkowski follows in the footsteps of Mickiewicz through the city, telling us the tale of the poet’s wandering life, his marriage with Celina Szymanowska, visiting the places in which Mickiewicz used to live, where he wrote „The Books of the Polish Nation and Pilgrimage”, „Mr. Thaddeus”,  reminding us of his work as a lecturer of Slavic literature at  College de France and the associated conflicts.

He discusses facts from the lives of Polish emigrants, their hopes for regaining independence and attempts to take action, in which the poet was also involved. The authors of the film have used fragments of letters and works by Adam Mickiewicz, as well as letters from his friends (including Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz and Stefan Witwicki). Thanks to his works, written in Paris, and lectures at College de France, Adam Mickiewicz became known to the French. The closing scene of the movie is a view of the monument of Mickiewicz in Paris as the only Polish poet honored by France in such a manner.

Based on: PAT

"Mickiewicz w Paryżu" [Mickiewicz in Paris]
Directing: Paweł Woldan
Production: Prasa & Film Ltd.
Year of production: 1994