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"Żywe obrazy" [Living Images]

A documentary biography of Stanisław Różewicz in the form of the main character’s interview with himself. The director shares his memories and reflections on fifty years of work in filmmaking.  He is the author of twenty feature films – including cinema and television productions, medium-length movies, theater adaptations, and Television Theater productions.  "Miejsce na ziemi" [A Place on Earth], "Drzwi w murze" [Door in the Wall], "Westerplatte", "Świadectwo urodzenia"[Birth Certificate], "Samotność we dwoje" [Loneliness of a Couple], "Opadły liście z drzew" [Leaves Have Fallen], "Ryś", "Pensja pani Latter" [Boarding School of Ms. Latter] are only some of his movies.

"Żywe obrazy"[Living Images] is also a story of cooperation with other members of the film-making team: the screenwriters – including his brother, Tadeusz, the operators – Jerzy Wójcik, of methods of work with the actors, problems with censors, the activity of TOR, which he founded and led as the artistic manager. The reflections of Stanisław Różewicz are illustrated by fragments of his films and pictures that document his work.

Based on: PAT

"Żywe obrazy" [Living Images]
Produced by: Tadeusz Różewicz
Production: Prasa & Film Ltd.
Year of production: 1995