08 | 12 | 2023

"Zamień mnie w długiego węża" [Turn Me Into a Long Snake]

A film about Gypsy children from Romania, living in Warsaw. „Turn Me Into a Long Snake” is an attempt to show the children’s dreams, clashing with cruel reality. The film was granted the Brown Dragon prize during the Krakow Film Festival at the International Contest of 1998.

According to Jan Strękowski of Culture.pl, one of the distinguishing features of documentaries made by Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz is a view of reality from a sociological perspective. “Thus she has made many movies without an individual main character. Worth noting are „I Don’t Believe Politicians”, dedicated to young people or the famous „Children of the Revolution”, in which the author went beyond the problems of Poland, presenting the parallel history of Poland, socialist East Germany, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. The same can be said about the film „Turn Me Into a Long Snake” about Romanian Gypsy children.”

"Zamień mnie w długiego węża" [Turn Me Into a Long Snake]
Directing: Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz, Michał Arabudzki
Production: Prasa & Film Ltd.
Year of production: 1997